Condom Ad

Condom Ad

In 1991, Fox Network, during a quirky teen show known as Howard’s Head, aired what is known as network TV’s first condom advert. By playing the 15 second ad from condom maker Trojan, Fox brushed aside a long held taboo. This type of ad was essentially only allowed because of the rising awareness of AIDS and prevention of STDs.

In 2007, Trojan attempted to air an ad in which there is a bar filled with women, and the men are portrayed by pigs fumbling about on their cellphones. One of them slips into the bathroom and procures a condom through a vending machine—emerging out a spry young man in his twenties. The ad would end with the message “Evolve. Use a condom every time.”

The ad was rejected by two of the four major networks—namely Fox and CBS—both of which had accepted Trojan’s previous campaign. The new campaign was rejected because it had crossed the line between disease prevention and pregnancy prevention.


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