Eisriesenwelt Cave

Eisriesenwelt Cave

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10 Most Interesting Caves In The World

Natalya Bernard November 18, 2013
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Caves are often musty, muddy, and damp. They can also be teeming with wildlife, as wide as a canyon, or flooded with icy water. They can be made of marble, crystal, or basalt. Caves are far more than just holes in the ground. Some of them are quite extraordinary.
10 Eisriesenwelt Cave

ice cave
Photo credit: Werckmeister

The Eisriesenwelt Cave in Austria is the world’s largest ice cave, with a length of almost 50 kilometers (30 mi). Its name translates to “World of the Ice Giants.” Discovered in 1879, its myriad chambers are interconnected, allowing air to flow through all chambers. This also means that the caves can get chilly, so winter wear is appropriate for all visits. The ice formations are different colors due to the mineral content.

The caves are located above Werfen Village in Salzburg. Lamps are handed out to tourists before the tour, and sometimes the ice formations are lit with magnesium lamps for dramatic effect. Only a portion of the cave’s length is open to the public.


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